Residential Painters vs. Commercial Painters

commercial painting jobsTo the average man or layman if you will, who resides outside of the ambience that constitutes the painting industry, the line delineating professional commercial paint contractors and residential contractors tends to get blurry. He thinks, “Hey they both paint walls right? So there is no big difference here”. However, such claims can’t be any more invalid. There exists a huge difference between commercial painters and residential painters. These differences are responsible for differentiation in the job assignments that these two classes receive in pertinence to paint jobs. What commercial painters do can’t be replicated or attempted by residential painters. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some parallels between them but the point is that there are some subtle differences here as well. For those of you riddled with ambiguity about the difference between the two classes, let us inform you of them. Below are mentioned some of the major differences that set residential painters apart from commercial ones:


The first thing that separates commercial painters from residential painters is their ability and competency towards handling jobs of larger scales and range. While any residential and run of the mill paint contractor can paint a house, it takes an especially experienced person to take on the challenge of painting a large building, like say a warehouse, skyscraper and so on.

Acclimation with Rigorous Workload:

Getting things done on a smaller scale, or to be precise on the domestic or smaller scale, is pretty easy and manageable. However when it comes to larger and commercial jobs, the level of tolerance and endurance required of a contractor also increases in scale. A commercial painter holds much in the way of experience which in part creates an elevated level of acclimation with the rigorous demands of the work required of them.

Busy Schedule:

Residential painters usually work on their jobs throughout the daytime while light is available, and usually on two or three days a week. However, in the world of commercial painting, this is not possible. Commercial painters usually have hectic work schedules and have to work on their projects throughout the week, without any day off. Also, there are instances where they have to pull all nighters, where they work through the day as well as the whole night.

Wider Range of Services:

Residential painters are limited in their scope when it comes to offering services to their clients. Their services often comprise of simply painting a domestic unit and that is all. On the other hand, Commercial painters vary vastly from their residential counterparts in this regard in as such that they offer a wider and diverse range of services to their clients. In addition to normal and typical painting services, these commercial painting experts are also specialists in installing epoxy flooring, provision of electrostatic painting, sandblasting and many other such services that are necessary and demanded by commercial installations and their owners. As is apparent from the aforementioned text, there exist many differences between Residential painters and commercial painters.